South Asian Studies

The one-year Master’s in Asian Studies specialisation South Asian Studies at Leiden University is specifically designed for students interested in one or more countries or regions of pre-modern, modern or contemporary South Asia. During the programme you will learn about countries or regions in South Asia from the perspectives of history, literature, art and art history, media and cultural studies, religious studies, philosophy and philology. The world-class expertise at Leiden University also extends to India and Sri Lanka.

Choose South Asian Studies at Leiden University:

  • Choose the areas in which you specialise, thanks to a modular programme structure that consists of elective courses throughout and an individually supervised thesis.
  • Develop your classical or modern language fluency or gain new skills, knowledge and fluency in a different, relevant modern language.
  • Broaden and deepen your knowledge of South Asia across a wide range of complementary disciplines.
  • Learn from some of Europe’s best scholars in the field at Leiden University, offering you the very best of Asia-related research in North-West Europe.
  • Tailor your area of expertise by choosing to focus either on language and a single country, or on a specific discipline and region, with many courses that examine regional issues beyond the study of a country or language.

Prior knowledge of a classical or modern South Asian language is not required, but students have the option of taking an intensive modern language course at beginner’s level in Japanese, Indonesian, Chinese, Korean or Hindi.

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Master details

  • Dit is een afstudeerrichting van: Asian Studies
  • Graad Master of Arts in Asian Studies
  • Onderwijsvorm Full-time
  • Duur 1 year
  • Start September and February
  • Taal English
  • Vestigingsplaats Leiden
  • Croho/isatcode 60839

Prof. Jonathan Silk

Jonathan Silk

“This university has incredible strengths which make it possible to study Buddhism across all of Asia.”

“As a third-year undergraduate, I went to Japan for the first time as an exchange student. There I met Professor Gadjin Nagao, who inspired me to devote myself to the academic study of Buddhism. I stayed an extra year in Japan to study more Japanese, and began the study of Chinese and Sanskrit, so that I would be able to read Buddhist texts in their original languages.

After returning to the US, I went to the University of Michigan to do a PhD in Buddhist Studies. I have been teaching and doing research about various aspects of Buddhism ever since, at universities throughout the United States, including Yale and UCLA; I still go to Japan regularly.

I came to Leiden excited about the opportunity to build a great master’s programme. This university has incredible strengths which make it possible to study Buddhism across all of Asia: there are scholars and teachers here specialising in Indonesia, India, Tibet, China, Korea and Japan! Moreover, students can choose to focus not only on religious aspects of Buddhist traditions, but also philosophical, literary, linguistic or (art) historical angles.

The library of our Kern Institute is famous around the world for its excellent resources on South Asia and Tibet, while the Sinological Institute library is second to none in Europe for the depth and breadth of its collections.

I teach introductory courses on Buddhism, and advanced thematic seminars on various topics. And of course, I always love to read Buddhist texts with students, in original languages as well as in translation. The study of Buddhism should be a dynamic synthesis of factual knowledge and critical perspectives, and the Leiden master’s programme is designed to train students in just this approach.”

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