The Master’s programme in Mathematics in Leiden focuses on analysis, probability and statistics, number theory and (arithmetic) geometry.
For any student who wants to specialise in one of these areas, Leiden is an excellent possibility. All researchers in the present group have intensive contacts with colleagues from outside Leiden, within the Netherlands, but also abroad.

What Leiden can offer you

If you are considering pursuing a Master of Science in Mathematics, Leiden is a very good choice. You will be hosted in one of the leading research groups in mathematics in the Netherlands. Another strong point is our personal approach. Our programmes will be tailor-made according to your wishes, depending on your individual background and your personal aims. It will be our interest to offer you a significant deepening of your knowledge, and to broaden your enthusiasm for mathematics.

Students who have obtained a Master of Science degree in Mathematics possess a thorough theoretical basis, know how to work in a multinational environment, and are able to operate well on the international market. Courses are taught at a high level, and each of the master’s tracks ends with an individual research project combined with a master thesis.

The Leiden Mathematical Institute

The Leiden Mathematical Institute is a modern institute aiming at excellence both in research and in education. Many well-known Dutch mathematicians work and have worked here, such as, for example, analyst Thomas J. Stieltjes, who gave his name to the Stieltjes integral, and number theorist Hendrik D. Kloosterman, who was the inventor of the Kloosterman sum. The influence of both these mathematicians can still be felt today, with the Institute’s distinct dual focus on both analysis and number theory.

The Leiden Mathematical Institute is partner in the Lorentz Center, an international research centre for Astronomy, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Bio Sciences. It takes part in the national mathematics courses offered by the mastermath programme. The Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory specialisation is part of the Erasmus Mundus ALGANT network, making for intensive (research and education) contacts with the universities of Paris-Sud/Orsay, Bordeaux, Padova and Milano. The institue participates in the national Gravitation Programme NETWORKS

Master details

  • Graad Master of Science in Mathematics
  • Onderwijsvorm Full-time
  • Duur 2 years
  • Start September, February
  • Taal English (Education specialisation partly in Dutch)
  • Vestigingsplaats Leiden
  • Croho/isatcode 66980

Prof. Bas Edixhoven

“I treat my students as PhD candidates.”

“Our classroom is international; at least half our students come from outside the Netherlands. As professor of Arithmetical Geometry, I want to challenge students with tailor-made training: they can agree reading courses with me, separate from the curriculum. We talk about a particular issue in a one-to-one situation.

I treat my students as PhD candidates. Everything which we offer this last category, we also offer these students. For example, they can take part in workshops at the Lorentz Center. They are expected to take courses in the national masters program Mastermath (currently coordinated in Leiden) as well as 2nd year courses in the WONDER program. Via the ALGANT program we have a close co-operation with the Universities of Bordeaux, Essen, Milano, Padova, Regensburg and Paris-Sud in Orsay. The latter has, in my field, the most prestigious mathematical institute in the world, which has produced a number of Fields Medallists – the equivalent of the Nobel Prize for Mathematics. If they wish, students can study a year in Leiden, then in Orsay, or in Bordeaux, Essen, Milano, Padova, Regensburg or vice versa.

We are an ambitious team which also organises seminars, such as the Intercity Number Theory Seminar at which researchers present their latest findings. We want to prepare our students to participate in this seminar.”

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