International Relations


Leiden University’s Master’s in International Relations provides you with the contextual knowledge and analytical ability to study and comprehend the vast diversity and complexity of our rapidly changing world.

  • In European Union Studies we offer the only general MA-level study of the European Union in the Netherlands. It is an interdisciplinary programme in which you will concentrate on issue that make up the core concern of European integration.
  • Global Order in Historical Perspective examines the social construction and the normative system created in the pursuit of global justice in a variety of areas. In the process, it engages with different actors, ideologies, institutions and norms, taking a critical, Non-western perspective of the evolution of the global order across time and space.
  • Global Conflict in the Modern Era investigates the different perspectives on security from a multidisciplinary and global angle. It builds specifically on historical, cultural, empirical and comparative approaches and will provide students with insights, among others, into the study of war, terrorism, insurgency and peacekeeping.
  • Global Political Economy engages with the governance, structure, history and development of the global economy from a variety of theoretical standpoints and competing disciplinary and regional perspectives. It provides insight into the role and experiences of various actors, such as international and regional organizations, multinational corporations, civil society and local communities.
  • Culture and Politics considers critical perspectives on culture as an inextricable part of global politics. It examines the political economy of culture as well as how political events are mediated and political concepts and identities are constructed through language, advertising, film, literature, games, and other cultural forms.

In all five specialisations we offer a combination of fresh theoretical insights and practical knowledge and experience, giving ideas and beliefs the place they deserve in European and global politics.

Reasons to choose International Relations in Leiden:

  • We focus on current global and regional issues, which provides you with the knowledge and the analytical abilities to study and comprehend the diversity and complexity of today’s rapidly changing world;
  • We give you the option of either focusing on core issues of the European integration process or going beyond the Western world and studying other parts of the world;
  • We believe that ideas matter! The curriculum takes seriously the ideas and beliefs that underlie contemporary political changes;
  • Our two specialisations avoid theory for the sake of theory, but offer instead a challenging mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience provided by specialist, academic researchers and experts with direct experience in policy-formulation and policy-making;
  • We are the only university in the Netherlands to offer this wealth of area specialists and the extensive range of contacts with national and international government and non-government institutions. Close to The Hague, the legal capital of the world, we benefit from the proximity to the material and human resources concentrated in a centre of government.
  • Upon graduation, you may have access to the prestigious MA in International Affairs at the School of Advanced International Studies of Johns Hopkins University, Bologna.

Master details

  • Graad Master of Arts in International Relations
  • Onderwijsvorm Full-time
  • Duur 1 year
  • Start September, February
  • Taal English
  • Vestigingsplaats Leiden
  • Croho/isatcode 60734

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