Clinical Psychology

The master’s specialisation in Clinical Psychology is about theory, assessment, treatment and research of mental disorders. The focus of teaching is on anxiety and mood disorders, somatisation and personality problems and disorders. This one-year programme offers a balanced combination of both in-depth theoretical knowledge and the acquisition of important professional and research skills.

Aim of the programme

In this specialisation, students acquire the basic skills needed for the classification, diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. On completion of this programme you will also have theoretical knowledge of clinical research and of the psychological factors that cause and maintain mental disorders. You will also be able to analyse psychological problems, to evaluate clinical research and to report on clinical issues.

Scientist-practitioner model

Clinical Psychology at Leiden University offers a Master’s programme at the interface of science and practice. A thorough theoretical basis is combined with practical clinical training in small groups. In this way you will not only gain knowledge of Clinical Psychology as a science, but you will also learn to apply this knowledge in the assessment, prevention, and treatment of mental disorders. The teaching staff consists of young and established researchers who are internationally visible and who contribute to the development of their fields. Professional skills will be taught by experienced clinicians.

Professional career

With this Master’s degree you qualify to apply for post-master training as a registered healthcare psychologist (GZ-psycholoog) in The Netherlands. Graduates may also apply for PhD student positions. Please note that admission to both these post-master tracks is highly competitive in the Netherlands. Many graduates first find a position as ‘basic psychologist’ in mental health care, where they work under supervision. The skills and knowledge also open career opportunities in teaching, training and coaching, and counselling.

Master details

  • Dit is een afstudeerrichting van: Psychology
  • Graad Master of Science in Psychology
  • Onderwijsvorm Full-time
  • Duur 1 year
  • Start September and February
  • Taal English
  • Vestigingsplaats Leiden
  • Croho/isatcode 66604

Prof.dr. Bernet Elzinga

How trauma affects the brain.

What our Alumni say

Ariane Faas, MSc

“The practical subjects from clinical and health psychology were very useful to me as a starting psychologist.”

“In my time as a student in Leiden, from 1999 to 2003, I was a member of a student association. I learned a lot from my experiences in committees and boards. I especially enjoyed my time as a student!”

“After graduating I completed my training as health care and clinical psychologist. At the end of my internship at a large mental health institute, I was offered a job there. I enjoyed finally being able to put theory into practice. This was the first time that I saw psychotic patients and I found this particularly interesting as I couldn’t quite imagine what psychosis would be like after reading about it in text books.”

“I worked at this institute for ten years. Alongside it I worked in a primary care practice and as a Pro Justitia rapporteur. Four years ago I started my own practice. An average work week of about 32 hours looks as follows:

  • Monday 20.00-23.00: online treatments, administration, processing mail
  • Tuesday 08.00-17.00: appointments with clients, 20.00-23.00: online treatments, administration, processing mail
  • Wednesday 08.00-17.00: appointments with clients, 20.00-23.00: online treatments, administration, processing mail
  • Thursday 20.00-23.00: administration, processing mail
  • Friday: telephonic consultations with colleagues throughout the day, processing mail (2 hours in total)
  • Saturday: reading psychology literature
  • Sunday 20.00-23.00: online treatments, administration, processing mail

Since having my own practice I am very flexible. This makes it easy to combine with having a family.

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