Air and Space Law (Advanced)

The Master’s Programme in Air and Space Law is a combination of public air law, private air law and space law, both from an international and European perspective.

The programme is unique in the world. It has a clearly defined European dimension and, without neglecting academic levels, pays specific attention to professional applications, particularly through its internship requirements. The programme has been designed for graduates in law who wish to pursue an advanced master’s study at postgraduate level, and possibly wish to engage in a PhD. Some prior knowledge of air and/or space law is certainly an asset, but is not compulsory. The programme is also aimed at international legal practitioners in internationally operating law firms, private companies (e.g. airlines, aircraft parts manufacturers), civil aviation authorities, telecommunication authorities, international and regional organisations and representatives from various governments who wish to specialise in the area of air and space law. This mixed composition of the student body of both master’s students and practitioners stands as a guarantee for the high level of the programme.

International Accreditation

The programme has been running since 2000 and was internationally accredited in 2007. In the 2012 re-accreditation, the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO) awarded the programme the score of ‘excellent’ on all evaluation criteria, which included intended learning outcomes, teaching-learning environment and end qualifications.

The accredition panel 2007 stated:
Consistency in the curriculum is achieved in different ways. First of all the core of the programme is well defined, the topics of the courses are chosen carefully. This has resulted in a programme in which the different courses have been put in a logical order and which ensures the development of both academic and professional competences. […] [S]tudents get a great deal of research practice during many of the courses. The panel feels positive about the fact that there is a good deal of interaction between the teachers and the coordinators of the course. This interaction will contribute to the consistency within the programme.

Master details

  • Graad Master of Laws in Advanced Studies in Air and Space Law
  • Onderwijsvorm Face-to-face (Full-time, part-time, single modules) or Blended Learning
  • Duur 1 year
  • Start September, February
  • Taal English
  • Vestigingsplaats Leiden
  • Croho/isatcode 75024

Prof. Pablo Mendes de Leon

Programme Director

“The course presents international air and space law and policy in a varied and multi-facetted programme in which modern teaching and research methods are applied.”

“Air transport and space activities are characterised by their strong cross-border and highly dynamic nature. This dynamic nature is further amplified by rapid technological and commercial developments, such as privatisation and commercialisation, the consolidation of airline alliances, the starting up of operational centres in upcoming economies, the impact of climate change, the establishment of innovative liability regimes, the new role of regional organisations, the application of sophisticated financing methods, the emergence of space tourism and the use of outer space for commercial and military activities.

These developments affect the legal regimes governing air transport and space activities. Hence, from a legal perspective, these regimes are increasingly influenced by other legal regimes, in the first place public international law, but also private law, criminal law, competition law, environmental law, trade law and obviously European law, in particular European Community law.

The LL.M. in Advanced Studies in Air and Space Law pays attention to all these aspects of air and space law and policy in a varied and multi-facetted programme in which modern teaching and research methods are applied. The programme broadens intellectual horizons: it is devoted to the study of a multi-facetted field of law, whereas its participants and teachers come from all parts of the globe. The focus of this programme, which falls under the auspices of the International Institute of Air and Space Law, is thus truly international and forward-looking.

We invite you to embark on an exciting flight of the mind into air and outer space law!”


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